New Book

[From the 2018 press release]

“Midwestern natives Tracey L. Kelley and Lynne A. Kasey use various people and places to inspire their artistic endeavors. Publisher humanivity is proud to represent their first creative collaboration, one moment of a single day: essays.

A spiritual conversation with a stranger in a grocery store. An uncomfortable encounter in a nail salon. An understanding of someone’s personal and political journey. A tragedy shared among strangers. A frayed connection with someone with whom it never should have unraveled.

What does it mean to cultivate intimacy in everyday conversation? When does our shared humanity help us overcome conflict? How do we assign value to a person or situation in one moment, long after the opportunity has passed?


Each chapter’s end allows a reader to pause, using Kasey’s provocative imagery to delve deeper into a feeling, memory, or consideration motivated by Kelley’s insightful attention to consciousness. one moment of a single day also has an interactive component for workshops and reading groups, furthering the intent of soulful discussion and introspection displayed in the book.

In this collaborative collection of essay and photography, Kelley and Kasey explore these and other pivotal moments, provide space for introspection, and raise awareness about how the interplay of connection and vulnerability expands our capacity to mindfully engage with the world around us.”

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